Beauty and Culture

This is a blog about cultural change, about cultural renewal, about beauty. I am a radical for free markets, a radical for natural classicism in the arts, a radical for freedom of speech, a radical for the various gift economies, and an opponent of oppression, totalitarianism, envy, and misanthropy. I am a radical for beauty–beauty as defined by Francis Hutcheson–unity in variety and variety in unity.

But we will talk about beauty a great deal more in this blog. Indeed, it may be all we ever talk about, even when I don’t use the term.

The current culture is postmodernist–the avant garde institutionalized primarily in our universities–and is fundamentally elitist. This culture is falling apart as we speak. It’s disintegrating in a civil war of social justice warriors trying to out-victim each other. Comedians refuse to perform at our universities because the students get offended and outraged rather than laugh at their own foibles. There are increasing calls for censorship from the left. And the primary response to all of this has come from a phenomenon known as the alt.right, a resurgence of national socialism and explicit racism.

I am opposed to both of these movements.

The choice does not have to be left illiberalism or right illiberalism. It doesn’t have to be so-called neo-liberalism, either. We don’t have to have some mixed-bag third way that is a deformed mixture of liberal and illiberal views. We don’t have to choose between radical individualism and collectivism. We do not have to choose between idealism and realism.

We do not have to choose dualism. We can recognize that humans are always already social and do not have to be forced to be social, do not have to undergo radical change to be social. We can recognize that humans are individuated through their social interactions, and are more individuated the more complex the society. We can recognize that humans become most fully human, most fully social, most fully individuated, most fully moral only when they are most fully free. And that in addition to all of these things, liberty will also make people more healthy, wealthy, and wise, to boot.

These are the things this blog will be about.

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