I’ve Got No Roots

Before Homo was sapiens, people have wandered.

We’re wandering apes–it’s why we’ve spread across the globe.

Rootedness is for plants. If you wish to live in a vegetative state, be rooted in the soil.

The most dynamic societies–those that encourage the feet, the mind, the soul to wander–are the wealthiest, healthiest ones (they are well-fed and -exercised).

If you want a society to rot–politically, philosophically, economically–root its people.

Believe in one way of thinking, of believing, of being is belief in rootedness. Blood and soil, political correctness, the totalitarian thinking of reducing everything to politics, to economics, to race, to sex, to gender, to aesthetics, to the natural sciences, to religion–each of these are forms of rootedness.

Heidegger, the Nazi philosopher, was the philosopher of rootedness. He said the Jews weren’t rooted. He said cosmopolitanism was the opposite of rootedness. He said cosmopolitanism and Jewishness were related.

America is the least rooted of all countries to have ever existed. That is its strength. The more people seek to root it, the weaker, poorer American becomes.

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